Normal, Cracktastic or what?

Okay, folks your opinion. 1537 4th St NW is up for sale. Price $280K. It is an as-is. Tiny as all out. Huge backyard, but you can’t park there. Don’t worry there is parking on the street, ‘cept Sunday morning. And youd be close to the mosque. A problem when someone who can’t sing gets the mic and does the call to prayer (most of the time the guy can carry a tune) and you will hear the call.
So is $280K a good price or cracktastic? Me? I’m just happy to see something that isn’t a studio condo with 600 sq ft being sold in the 200s.

3 thoughts on “Normal, Cracktastic or what?”

  1. Considering that 1520 3rd St, whose backyard almost abuts it, is on the market for the truly cracktastic price of $480,000 I’d say pretty good price.

    Like, actually do-able for a couple who make, say $50,000 each.

    Assuming “as-is” doesn’t mean “needs new foundation.”

    I just noticed that 1414 3rd, also 2 BR and 1 BA, is listed for about $260,000 but it’s much uglier and overlooks Dunbar.

  2. What foundation? Houses ’round here are supposed to have foundations? If they had foundations they wouldn’t fall into the ground or take the adjoining houses down.

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