If you have 1/2 a mil

You could buy a house in Shaw.
First, is 1417 1st St NW in the TC. $500K, four bedrooms, two baths near red line metro, 395 for those quick escapes to Virginie, and possibly one of the problem houses. We don’t know. (‘Cause Truxtionan was all like “hey look.” And I’m all like, “you wanna post it?” and he’s like “nah, busy.”) Requires work. $500K and still needs work. People of 1st street, what do you know?

Instead of the TC you could for $70,000 more blow your cash on 1910 Vermont Ave, in the U Street area of Shaw, the former home of opera star Lilian Evanti. It is in the National Registry of Historic Places. It is three bedrooms, one full bath and one half bath and a heck of a lot closer to the metro than 1417 1st to one. Anyway it boasts of original details, generous rooms, and a 1990s kitchen and bath. But really is it worth $70k more than a non-descript house, in a non-historic district with 1 bed and .5 baths more in Truxton? We will see in time.

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  1. Since there’s a much bigger (and seemingly nicer) house on N at 1st for 490, I think they’re being optimistic….the 2 on N (the one for 490 and one next door for 565) have been sitting there for months. and they are next to luxury condos! woohoo!

  2. Hey, I was busy this afternoon… anyways, I would swear that’s what one of the MPD officer’s mentioned was a “problem” house. If that’s true, that means one of the problem houses is going to disappear… and with it, hopefully, problem residents.

  3. If I remember correctly, at the “crime” meeting at MM Washington (The day after the Orange meeting at Mt Sinai) the woman from 1417 spoke up, I believe she said that she did not know those people on the sidewalk in front of her yard or that she asked them to leave but they never paid attention to her. Maybe someone has a more accurate account.

  4. Jeez, People are crazy, no? Or maybe just greedy and unrealistic.

    A three bedroom house a block away, 1512 1st St, is listed for only $359,000. (Can’t believe I just wrote that.)

    The price seems MUCH more in line with our neighborhood’s lack of ameneties and that street’s sporadic murders.

    “Needs TLC” but I keep hoping someone will buy it who will fix it up and live there! It must be awfully needy for that TLC, actually, since it’s been on the market for months…

  5. Real. Estate. Agents. On. Crack.
    The description for 1512 1st street (DC5389404)has one problem. The listing description says it is in Eckington. It is one block south of Florida Ave and not in Eckington, it’s in the TC.
    244 days on the market @ 359K.

  6. Heh– real estate agents fixated on “Hot Hot Eckington” seem to have a very fuzzy sense of actual neighborhood boundaries.

    1817 1ST ST NW
    1812 1ST ST NW

    are listed in longandfoster as being in Eckington; and I even saw a house on 3rd and P NW a few months ago advertised as being in Eckington.

    I hate it when agents are too lazy to even bother to find out where the houses they’re selling are!

  7. I dont see why anyone would pay that type of money, when you can buy new contrcution (TH & SF) in the city for less. Furhtermore developers are calling anything luxury condos. I always thought of luxury condos to be located in a true destination area, were lots of people want to be. (i.e. downtown, georgetown, u st.) Those are the only true places in the city were you can work, shop, eat, live, within a walkable distance.

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