What’s for dinner?

I’ve been looking at my backyard trying to figure out what I’m going to have for dinner and I’m stumped. I thinned out the chard and the spinach a couple of days ago and they made wonderful dishes. But those plants need more time to grow and take advantage of the space made. There are a few pea pods but really, a dish of just pea pods? I already had a big salad for lunch, so no salad. Also I want to give that some time to grow as well. The salad is beginning to look a little ragged. I have no tomatoes. The squash are still seedlings. I’m not sure what the broccoli plant is doing and the brussels sprouts are a lost cause. The strawberries are not big producers. Besides I have a whole slew of strawberries from the farmer’s market. If I take a few pea pods, a spring onion and a few spinach leaves I can greatly improve some ramen noodles. But I’m not in the mood for lots of salt.
I could defrost the trout in the freezer and make a really great dish with spring onions. The spring onions from last year are getting quite big and are begging to be used. I don’t feel like fish tonight.
Maybe I will just eat a bunch of pea pods. That, and heat up some croissants, make a cup of tea and call it a night.