Policing Strategies

If you’re curious to read more about policing strategies, Google is your friend.

Alternatively, you could be lazy and just read this or read about Philadelphia’s strategies (at bottom of page). Philly identified all open air markets and put two uniformed officers at each site.

I know there’s going to be a lot of discussion over the coming days about what are the appropriate steps to take. I think the community should focus on how to get the political and MPD leaders to take responsibility for making a serious and noticeable change. We need to focus on individuals’ accountability. Press Orange on this and make him make it a campaign issue. Don’t let him talk about budget, there are a lot of reasons why his increase in budget is bad idea or just a red herring…. It’s throwing good money after bad, it requires too long to get new officers and programs up to speed and, most simply, more money just isn’t necessary to make arrests.

My suggestion is to get Councilmember Orange, Chief Ramsey and the PSA Lt’s in a room and have them all commit to (by signing) a short-term and a long-term plan with metrics that they can be measured to. People do what gets measured and reported.

Other ideas?

3 thoughts on “Policing Strategies”

  1. Cool…maybe they can post officers along 7th Street between Q and N to look after the officers who sleep on the job there and chum around with the crack dealers.

    Great idea but I think too many of the officers in our PSA have become “friends” with the people they should be fitting with bracelets.

    Not every cop is bad so please refrain from jumping all over me…just a bit frustrated by some of the things I have seen around the hood lately.

  2. UP, airhorn?

    I just saw a cop on horseback riding up the street in the ‘hood. They’re getting more creative and definitely are out in a show of force. Let’s see how long this lasts.

  3. c’mon folks. these whimps won’t take on church double parking. you think they’re gonna get in the middle of a drug war???

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