More Mondie

From Karl

Well the Board met yesterday on the Mondie matter and was about to render a decision (most likely in the negative from the comments they were all making) when Mr. Mondie jumped up and withdrew his application. He cannot (if he does at all) reapply for a zoning ruling on the subject Property for 90 days — guess we’ll see what is going to happen.

Okay I wonder what he’s going to do this time? Cause really, we would like him to build something, just not an apartment building or something that will come back and bite us in the butt years down the road. Three Single Family homes, brick, 18 feet wide, the more detached from each other the better, those would sell, in the upper range.
Also, yea! Karl.

2 thoughts on “More Mondie”

  1. I think Mondie is done here for good. I talked to Karl, & the one thing the board seemed to be most disconcerted about was the fact that he didn’t actually OWN the lots at all, despite telling them he did. I think he will just walk away.

    Hopefully the next person interested in those lots has their s*#% together.

  2. Yes, it is amazing that he spent money on a lawyer and didn’t do his homework. I really did wish that he could build something, but why o why did he have to take the difficult path.
    Easy path- buy lots, legally make them one big lot, build 18 ft wide condos.
    Hard path- what we’ve been doing so far.

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