Snow Report

Originally uploaded by In Shaw.

First I looked and decided I wasn’t going to bother going to church but if the buses are running them I have no excuse.

Snow today is light and fluffy. Easy to shovel or sweep off your step. It makes for lousy snowman making snow. I tried. But it is okay for snow balls once you melt a little of the snow on the surface of the ball.
As you see the buses, or at least the 96 bus to Capitol Heights and the bus I saw along Florida Ave chugging along, they are running. Cars on the roads, but not a whole lot. Side streets are okay, one lane passable ok.

Update: Well the snow melted. Most of it anyways, and now clumps of snow on trees and sign posts are randomly attacking people. On the bus, Logan Circle was very pretty. There were tons of people out around noonish taking pictures of the white scenery. Also on the bus I overheard (can’t help it when they are yelling to each other) some guys coming from Georgetown, heading towards Shaw, about how much they made that morning shoveling driveways. They did well ($80 one guy), and looked forward to going back home for a hot meal, and maybe some cocoa. The Farmer’s Market at Dupont was small and sad. Sad because the milk people and the yoghurt/cheese people were not there. *sigh*