BACA meeting 2//6/06 part 2

Where was I? Please read Part 1 before Part 2.
Ms. Francine P Edmonds spoke and said that it is the RESIDENTS who bring the complaints so that the city knows what to do.
Now before I get into the rep from North Capitol Collaborative, I need to say that there have been some very negative concerns from some residents about them moving their office to North Capitol Street from Sursum Corda.
Mr. Tony Dugger from the North Capitol Collaborative (NCC) spoke. I think rather,[statement removed to clarify, once again read part 1 before part 2].
First tried to explain that there are 7 organizations thoughout the city. They are funded from the DC Govt Child Family services. Their mission is to prevent child neglect and abuse. At this point I believe Mr. Dugger has come to BACA before as this is not the first time someone has mentioned ‘child neglect and abuse.’ Their vision is to build healthy families. When needed they assist the CORE team (just know it is when various DC agencies come together) process, if the problem involves families.
NCC operates in Wards 1, 2, 5 &6. Their borders are around 2nd and D ST (south), Washington Hospital Center(north), Bread for the City (west) and 4th & Rhode Island/ McKinley High School (east).
NCC provides family services, and to do that they must have a licensed social worker.
1. NCC does not serve families outside of its geographic service borders.
2. NCC provides emergency services
3. Something about case management.
NCC partners with the Marines for their Toys for Tots, so it is NCC that one would go to for Christmas gifts for underprivileged children in this neighborhood.
NCC already has one office at 113 Q Street in the North West (forgot the rest of the name) apartment complex.
ANC Jim Berry asked a few questions of Mr. Dugger (these are not exact quotes, but close enough)
Berry: Question. Is the service area too large given the number of staff?
Dugger: ….without the NCC people will go unserviced.
Berry: Given the demographic changes, is there still a need?
Dugger: …look at the change, but there are still families that still need services.
Jim: When people hear Sursum Corda there is fear. Are you bringing Sursum Corda problems with you?
Dugger: … People do not move out of their neighborhoods for services…..
Mary Anne gave some wonderful testimony on her past dealings with NCC and how she got a grant (from them? in cooperation with them?) and ran a program out of St. George’s Episcopal (yea!) for parents and children. She then asked, “Do you have programs that service young adults?”
Mr. Dugger’s answer ran along the lines of yes, they have events such as an All Father’s Conference and a job fair. These are one time events and not something that require regular visits.
OK part 3, later on in the week.