Vegetate will have wine on V-Day

For you loving veggie people:

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Vegetate. We have a special event license for the
evening so in addition to a wonderful menu and great music, we will also serve
beer, wine and champagne. Also DJ Dredd will put together a mix of classic love

Our menu for the evening is:

First Course

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup
with olive oil rosemary toast 8

Frisee Salad
with pear, pecans and stilton cheese 8/10

Second Course

Sweet Potato Tart
with black beans, collard greens
and corn grit crust 14

Braised Mushroom and Tofu
over mashed celery root and potato
with swiss chard and pearl onions 16


Chocolate Cake Heart
with chocolate pudding and pistachio brittle 7

Winter Fruit Salad
with Spicy Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie 7

Space is still available. Please call 202.232.4585 to make a reservation.

Northwest One

The Post has an article about the pending plans for Northwest One, aka Sursum Corda.

For residents of Eckington, this article may be particularly interesting as they can compare the plans for Northwest One with the housing proposed by St Martin’s and Catholic Community Services.

I thought the article was interesting because it lays out a lot of the services that they are planning on providing to residents in Northwest One. On paper it all sounds great. Only thing that concerns me is that Sursum Corda also sounded great on paper when it was proposed forty-odd years ago. I hope we’ve figured things out better now.

Regardless, it’s impressive to see that there’s a $558 million price tag on this effort. That’s an incredible amount of money and, hopefully, it signals to future residents– both low and high-income– that there’s substantial commitment to the project to make it work. The article mentions breaking ground this year if the DC Council approves the plans so we’ll see what this means for the area shortly.