Secrets of Crackhead Building Techniques

Got a hole? Fix that puppy right up with adhesive and caulk. Apparently that was the thinking of the crackhead who worked around the electrical outlet in my bedroom. I wanted to replace the metal painted over outlet covers with something white, clean and plastic. So I figured it would be an easy change, scrape the edge of the outlet cover, pop it off and replace. Nooooooo. That sucker was glued in. There was a gap between the drywall and the outlet box and the outlet cover was secured with a massive gob of something that had me tearing off part of my wall. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with that vinyl mesh stuff and joint compound. But it was annoying because a simple thing that should have taken 1 minute has dragged out because I have to apply the compound, wait for the compound to dry, sand the wall, paint the wall, and then replace the cover.
But really this is one of 100 crackhead problems awaiting for me to discover. I’ve already discovered a dozen so far. There is the nearly clogged up shower head I can’t replaced because someone must have welded that sucker in. The toilet encased in the bathroom floor. There was the plumbing pipe that wasn’t glued (or whatever the adhesive is) together so it fell apart when I had a washer installed. There are all sorts of challenges behind these walls and I’m dealing with ’em one at a time.