Two InShaw blog announcements

First one, please give a big welcome to a new contributor, once commenter ‘jg’, Truxtonian. I decided to loosen the reigns just a teeny tiny bit. He will post whenever. And yes, he. I’ll let him decide how he wants to introduce himself, when he feels like it.
Second there will be a change in email. I have moved over to Verizon and I need to get rid of my AT&T account. If you need to contact me directly please email mari at inshaw periodthingy com. Importantly please always have a subject line and a subject line that will help me tell the difference between spam and legit email.

3 thoughts on “Two InShaw blog announcements”

  1. Why wasn’t I asked? Is it ‘cuz I live in Columbia Heights or do you have somethin’ against ninjas 😉

    BTW, thanks for your comment on my site. The more I think about it, I may just seal the bathfan up without venting it to the outside. Catholic guilt prevented me from doing that before, but the bathroom is on the third floor and I don’t like ladders and powerdrills that high up. The humidity is probably not such a big deal.

  2. I picked Truxtonian because [menacing voice] I know where he lives[/menacing voice] and works.
    Also I don’t know the political stance of ninjas. Where do ninjas stand on affordable housing? Section 8? Crime? Ninjas are criminals of some sort aren’t they?
    I had played with the idea of including Nora Bombay but she lives out in the ‘burbs, and her crime problems are different from my crime problems, and we have a difference of opinion on some political things. Truxtonian also passed a tricky and secretive test. Wait, I’ve said too much.

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