BZA hearing regarding Richardson Pl

Ok I didn’t want to be there. It didn’t seem like Toby wanted to be there. Karl is bearing a lot of the load as the spokesmodel and maybe he didn’t want to be there. Mondie probably didn’t want to be there and it doesn’t matter if Mondie’s lawyer wanted to be there because of all of us he was the only one getting paid. This lovely event? Yesterday’s Board of Zoning Adjustment hearings.
Before us was WASA getting some pumping station and there was an army of people. Despite being on track and looking good without opposition it took over an hour to get through it all. The Mondie portion started at about 11AM and we weren’t out of there till about nearly 2PM. There was a fair amount of back and forth on whether he could use the 410 exception, which was a change from what he was pursuing before which was going with section 401.3. Unfortunately there are some unclear portions of section 410 where R-4 zones such as Richardson is confused with R-5 zones. The board excused themselves to hash that out for “5 minutes”. It is amazing how 5 minutes is actually 35 minutes. We fear that Mondie might be able to build a defacto apartment building (when this area is not zoned for an apartment building), despite opposition from the residents, the ANC and Office of Planning on a technicality. Yeah, yeah, Mondie has repeated that they are not going to be apartment buildings. But within his plan, if he doesn’t complete some other steps, which may or may not happen (as we don’t know the future) they will be DEFACTO apartments regardless of what you call them. I have the deep desire to call my house a luxury townhome with quirky characteristics.
I think the board is scheduled to make a decision Feb 7th.

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  1. yep, I didn’t want to be there. But I was motivated by what I thought would be the end of this ordeal. Instead, it was a case of Bush-style “slam dunk”, in that the BZA is STILL considering letting Mondie get his way, despite the ANC, OP & 80 households on the square being against it. Is it a coincidence that a large backhoe is now parked on the lot? Does Mondie know already which way this is going? Will we have a giant crater there next Wednesday or Thursday? Stay tuned…all the crews working on NJ, & Mondie himself, deny that the backhoe is theirs.

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