There is a hole on 9th and Q

Beware of the big hole in the ground.
I’m posting Sunday because I plan to sleep late so I may dream. But anyway, Sunday morning the wind was gusting pretty mighty. My ride to church took twice as long because I could not breathe. The wind was blowing in such a way that I could not get any air into me and I tried gasping for air. I had to stop and turn my head or cup my hands over my mouth. Also it was a pain trying to stay upright and balanced on the bike. In a skirt. In heels.
The wind was fairly strong. Strong enough to blow down the barriers on 9th and Q? On my way back home I noticed that the boards and all that around the big hole on 9th and Q were down in the hole. The building the hole had eaten was gone but so was the gate. With the strong winds it would not be too hard to imagine someone’s small dog or child gusted into the hole from the sidewalk. Really there was little between the sidewalk and the hole. The picture with the boards on the ground, that grey image in the corner, that’s public sidewalk. Next to it, 6 ft hole. Yes, I did call 311 about it. I’m not sure what they can do about it with the winds. Yellow warning tape will blow away if the winds keep blowing the way they have.