The Washington Post gets up close and personal

It has been an odd week and I wonder what new surprises the Post shall throw my way. But the week is nearly over, so hopefully nothing.
Monday, Memorial Day, I went out dancing to see some friends as I hadn’t gone out dancing at the ballroom for a while. So I danced with some people I hadn’t seen in a while including Rev. Arnold Taylor. The next day I get the Tuesday Post and who is smack dab on the front page? Arnold. In his Army uniform from his participation in, I guess, the Memorial Day Parade and festivities. So I’m being silly pointing out to my co-workers, that I danced with the guy on the cover of the Post. I thought it was amazing. Someone I knew. On the front page. And they didn’t knock over a liquor store. Amazing. However as I type this I just remembered I did dance with Fritz Hahn, who at the time was an entertainment writer for the Post, at least once, but really, not the same thing.
On a sadder note, a woman I interned under Mary Wolfskill died May 23rd and her obit appeared in Wednesday’s Metro section. She got a nice write up and a photo that showed the joyous woman many of us in the library and manuscripts field knew and loved. Reading more about her life I discovered she volunteered with my 2nd church’s Grate Patrol in Foggy Bottom. I called up Bc, who is very involved with the church, and asked if he knew Mary. Everybody knew Mary and asked if I wanted to attend her 7am memorial mass. I was told of her death and funeral after the fact by a friend who does research at the LC, so I was very willing to get to work late for Mary. At the memorial mass I ran into people I didn’t expect to see. People from where I worked, used to work, people from my main church, as well as those from St. Paul’s.
I have heard it said before that DC is a small town. Typically I never really believed it. But this week, because of the Washington Post, DC seems a bit smaller, where we all are just a few degrees of separated from each other.

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  1. DC is definitely a small town- lived here all my life – my friends and joke that there are “only 47 people in DC” and when things like you described happen – it really seem to be true.

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