Agh! Too much Orange!

Okay no secret that my councilman wants to be the next unpopular mayor of Washington, DC (face it after 3 months we will hate your guts, whomever is mayor). I believe he has no chance compared to his fellow council members with greater name recognition for other things than trying to run for mayor. Regardless, I wish him the best of luck.
But I’m writing to complain about the Ward 5 website. You go to it and Orange takes up like 1/2 the page. The page seems to be more of a tribute to Orange than about Ward 5. I’m not into joining the cult of the Orange (which I imagine may include hanging out at the Rhode Island metro wearing saffron sarongs… wait wrong group…) I just want to know about getting the dealers off my street. Also it is a little out of date.
Compare it with the Ward 8, site and like Barry, who is a major personality loved and loathed by many, has a very snazzy site. Barry only takes up about 1/8th of the opening page.
Anyways, I’m just sayin’….

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  1. Does anyone else think the little white girl was photoshopped in? I mean the little black girls are wearing school uniforms and the little white girl is wearing a tie dye.

  2. that would be a damn good photoshop job, but I guess its possible. I think the funnier thing is that “Washington” is spelled wrong 🙂

  3. I’ll take a guess that tie-dye girl was there with school uniform girls, maybe there were several schools at whatever event the picture was taken. I mean it would be totally shameful to photoshop a white kid in, and if she was photoshopped in then, they did an excellent job.

  4. Vincent Orange is a fool, as are most of the other pretenders to the throne (e.g., Brown, Evans, etc.). As MM points out, the man has no political tact, and no constituency — I mean, who the heck is asking him to run? In addition to Barry’s site, one should take a gander at Adrian Fenty’s site, which similarly seems to emphasize the little people, not himself. Of course, by doing so it ends up making himself look better. That’s called political smarts, something Orange lacks.

    Seems to me it comes down to the Mayor, Fenty and Linda Cropp. Everyone else is just an annoyance we have to bear until they admit they have no hope and drop out.

  5. For the record…that type of photoshoppery isn’t *all* that hard. 🙂

  6. The Orange site breaks so many laws of good website design that it transcends hue, chroma or pigment entirely to a spiritual level: 1.) Never place text over or under an opaque photo; 2.) Do not reinvent the wheel: navigation on top and not on the left is sooo early .com era; 3;) Never, never ever use hot colors for links, ESPECIALLY ORANGE!

    Barry’s site, on the other hand is simple, clean and navigable. Yet another reason to love him – and there are so many reasons.

    “Save me Marion Barry, you’re my only hope (for cheaper real estate)” – Princess Jimbo Organa

  7. Citizens deserve better than bad web design, but who am I to talk I suck at web design myself. But then again I don’t have the power to hire someone to make the page decent. Maybe Orange can borrow Barry’s designer, or at least steal the code.

    Also I don’t think Orange has no political tact, I think he’s very mistaken about his popularity. (if I remember correctly) Instead of a poll on one of his sites asking if he should be mayor, what he should have done is gone around the city and done a poll.
    Question #1: Which current ward council member would you vote for as mayor?

    That’s it. The problem of conducting a poll where people have to come to you is that, well, they have to know who the hell you are. I didn’t know the man existed until I moved out of Evan’s ward and realized I was no longer in Ward 2.

  8. ok, being the city newbie, I take it that Williams cannot run for another term, or has said he wouldn’t? I don’t see how anyone else could beat him if he’s running.

  9. Online polls have zero scientific credibility as the people visiting the site are going there for a reason. It could be that 150,000 votes were cast but there is no way to be sure that 150,000 people voted ergo bad poll…nothing more than a press release. (And it scares me that nobody in Orange’s office knew to take the poll down as he was getting killed in the online poll).

  10. The poll was actually not on line it was in what will remain THE WORST PIECE OF DIRECT MAIL I have ever seen. The website has nothing on the mail in terms of how overall atrociousness. The idea that someone this inept would want to run a city is scary.

    I say no way the Mayor runs again but he is going to do everything he can to stop Fenty from winning.

  11. I tend to agree that the Mayor is done…but who is going to run? Good god, for the sake of my investment, I hope Councilman Crack-n-Stuff sits it out…

  12. On this? I can’t comment. As I’m in Alexandria. Which I occassionally remember isn’t a part of the city.

    Most of the time it’s good- no DC DMV for me.

    But my city council woman lives in the apartment directly below mine. She’s currently the Vice Mayor. and I have to vote for her. It’s the only way to keep peace in the building

  13. Scottac thanks for correcting me about how the poll was done. All I remember was there was something very wrong with how it was done.

    Unless some angel come down and run for mayor I really think Orange should leave the running to the bald and balding.

  14. i find vincent orange completely unresponsive as a council person unless it’s for a photo op.

    only Barry would be a worse mayor.

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