Agh! Too much Orange!

Okay no secret that my councilman wants to be the next unpopular mayor of Washington, DC (face it after 3 months we will hate your guts, whomever is mayor). I believe he has no chance compared to his fellow council members with greater name recognition for other things than trying to run for mayor. Regardless, I wish him the best of luck.
But I’m writing to complain about the Ward 5 website. You go to it and Orange takes up like 1/2 the page. The page seems to be more of a tribute to Orange than about Ward 5. I’m not into joining the cult of the Orange (which I imagine may include hanging out at the Rhode Island metro wearing saffron sarongs… wait wrong group…) I just want to know about getting the dealers off my street. Also it is a little out of date.
Compare it with the Ward 8, site and like Barry, who is a major personality loved and loathed by many, has a very snazzy site. Barry only takes up about 1/8th of the opening page.
Anyways, I’m just sayin’….