What I am grateful for

Yesterday I puttered around in the backyard and then giving myself permission to rest I just sat and admired the greenery, the flowering plants, and the fullness of the pots. For the moment I took in the peace and quiet that was the back yard, with the absence of dealers ripping through the alley, or contractors banging away or the sounds of sirens. I pondered how well and lucky I am to have this little patch of greenery, a yard in which to create this garden space, and thought:

1. I am grateful everything grew and for the food thus far harvested.

2. I am grateful for front and back yards.

3. I am grateful for my crumbly pile of bricks I call home.

4. I am grateful for the DC Fiance Housing Authority that put me through hell to get a really great loan.

5. I am grateful for the wonderful and helpful neighbors who live on my block.