I can’t stand the rain….

Darned rain.
Makin’ my plants grow.
I’ve got so much dang lettuce I can’t keep up with it. I’m really going to try to eat enough to keep the mixed greens from crowding each other out.
I had to give away a nice bunch of radishes. A- I can’t eat a lot of them & B- they are a companion plant to the beans. I also grow them because when you wash off the dirt they are so fricken purdy.
Maybe this a precursor to when the tomatoes, beans and squash mature. But I really like tomatoes. Squash I can give or take. Depends on the day. Beans. Well I can dry those.
Speaking of squash those leaves are HUGE! They are taking up 1/2 the back yard!
Anyway when you see me around give me a heads up if you are willing to take my veggie overflow so I know where to dump my extras should this be a good year.

2 thoughts on “I can’t stand the rain….”

  1. i will take lettuce & radii any time!

    btw, your son has a nice home in front, & is doing quite well, as are my peppers.

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