Beware of Big Bro, he’ll take your house

Just from the Post
The Supreme Court favored the city in the eminent domian case. This is so wrong. I need to read more about how this happened and wtf were the judges thinking.

Update: Well I was going to drown my sorrows in the court decision at a bar with Nora, but she had other plans, so I stayed home and made pina colada ice cream. Take one pint of Haagen Daz Coconut Pineapple ice cream, add lotsa rum. After that and a game of Civilization, I felt less angry.

Truxton in City Paper

Quick mention. As part of my lunchtime reading I picked up a City Paper and found an article about homemade street memorials featuring Truxton Circle on page 11. Yeah, you can’t put a timetable on grief but there is a very good reason one sits Shiva for 7 days, because the community can only bear the grief for so long as it needs to move on and the grieved need to let it do so. Yes, most of us, including myself aren’t Jewish so sitting Shiva doesn’t apply, but you get the idea, very public grief for a short while, then the community/neighborhood moves on, you can continue to grieve but the rest of us have to continue with life. Not months on end where liquor bottles and dolls get moldy.

Don’t call me

I’m on the Do Not Call registry for a reason. I don’t like to be bothered. I have gained the skill of getting off the phone with fire/police/vet “charities” quickly. I’m still working on annoying calls from my mortgage company trying to sell me a 2nd mortgage. So I don’t care to come home to find a message on my phone from Mr. Bobby Green from the Capitol Area Minority Contractors Assoc reading from a statement about the stadium.
A- I don’t even like baseball so I’m not too keen on paying for a new stadium for a team that just might up and leave before it’s all paid for
B- I already got the mailing you all sent, no I really don’t need a follow up call. If I didn’t really feel for you with the colorful mailer, the call ain’t gonna make me care more.
C- Don’t mention Vincent Orange. ‘Cause now I’m thinking he put you up to it to get his name out.

Well at least he didn’t call during dinner time.