Don’t let kids play with fire

This started out as a garbage can fire and spread to the fence and almost to the overhanging tree. Yesterday, about 4-5pm I was out in the backyard collecting salad greens for dinner when I smelled smoke. At first I thought it was someone lighting up for a ciggy and went back to clipping. Later I looked up and saw smoke but no fire, thinking it could be someone firing up the grill. But something seemed wrong. So I grabbed my keys and went into the alley. At the area where there was smoke there were three boys on bikes between the ages of 9-13, one threw something in the smoky garbage can and they sauntered off very quickly as I headed up the alley. I saw fire in the garbage can. I went and alerted the authorities. The time it took the firetruck on NJ Ave to appear near the alley was about 5 minutes, but in that time the fire had engulfed the big green trash can, the trash near it and was on the fence and licking the tree. Problem. Alley too small for the fire truck to come down. So it took another minute to get the truck were they could bring the hose over to put out the fire. They didn’t seem particularly rushed. Not like the house was on fire or in danger of catching on fire.