On a rainy Thursday night Bc, formerly known as Suburban Friend, was driving me home (the other trick to not having a car, having friends with cars) when he turned the corner and I started being silly. “Are they there?” I asked meaning the friendly neighborhood drug dealers. “Are they there?” I repeated. “Yes, they are there,” I exclaimed upon seeing them, in the rain and the dark. “Well,” Bc remarked, “you can’t call them lazy.”
Now they have been there a lot more often then usual. It didn’t help that the chairs they dragged from somewhere didn’t move. When I was tempted early Sunday morning to remove the chairs, ’cause it’s on public property, one of them was out there, at 8AM. 8AM. Sunday! Who on earth buys crack at 8AM on Sunday? Actually I had seen them out there earlier and earlier and at times and weather conditions I did not expect to see them. Which makes me wonder if they are trying to meet some quota or something. Bc reminded me that they do work on commission.
Maybe I am forgetting their Summer patterns but they do seem to be out on the corner more often than usual. This does make me wonder if they are putting in longer hours because a change in the drug economy. That might be good news. If they are forced to make up for a shrinking client base then the economic conditions of the neighborhood should make the area less attractive for drug dealing because it means more work. Throw on the changes in the neighborhood that include fewer new clients, more police because of neighbors complaining, and possibly time lost in jail or avoiding cops, fewer houses they can seek cover in, and the racial changes that make blending in harder, then it is possible that the area becomes less attractive for drug dealing. However, it is not like they can move in to another area without some costs and headaches, so they might stay put until the costs of operating on that block, outweigh the benefits.
So my neighbors keep up the pressure. Call the cops. Make street furniture like those plastic chairs and milk crates “disappear”. Hang out on your alley side balconies, and wave “hi” to all who look up as they pass by. Walk your dog. Black people walk with pride. And white people, be white.

10 thoughts on “Quota”

  1. “And white people, be white.”

    I don’t know if you intended it for this purpose, but I got a much needed laugh out of that last line. Thank you!

  2. on a related note… the illegal basketball hoop on Richardson was finally taken by a big monster public works truck on Wednesday morning. we were so happy! Neighbors working together to improve things! joy!
    oh but wait…The price we had to pay for its removal? My neighbor who had been the most outspoken protester of the incessant basketball playing (and the riff raff that went along with it) had both his front and back car windows smashed out by someone with a baseball bat (sports theme here) on Thursday night. pretty upsetting. Then the next day we learned that this had taken place about an hour or so before the Howard student was shot and killed on 3rd street. no connection between the events i’m sure — just a bad bad nice in Truxton I guess. sigh.


  3. LT here again — not sure how that “nice” ended up in my last sentence of my last post.
    I meant to say a “bad bad NIGHT in truxton”. sorry!

  4. Speaking of that awful event on 3rd Street, MM did you make it to the Bates meeting last night? I had to take a call so I missed it…

    I know that MPD got a ration of S%it from the community at the ANC 2c meeting last week…but I was hoping that awful tragedy would furrther enrage a few people. Doubt it if Lt. Neal even bothered to attend.

    Funny story, Sunday afternoon my best friend from high school and I were walking down 7th and while waiting outside of Immaculate we watched as two kids were dealing to cars pulling up to the apartment building on the other side of the street…AND A COP car was sitting 50 feet away (obviously the cop was doing something else at the time).

  5. We all need to program the MPD Focus Mission (drug squad) number into our cell phones: 202-727-4501). When we see stuff like this, just look dumb & happy & get out of view of the dealers, so they can’t see who it is, then call & report the activity.

    On a side note, that sux about the car windows getting smashed out. I would have thought those punks were all talk.

  6. me too.

    last night at about 11:30 there was all sorts of activity on the 400th block of R and surrounding area: cop cars with flashing lights, police running around looking for a dude in a blue jacket. never a dull moment.
    oh- and the pit bull at the house on 4th and R got loose again all while this was all happening. disaster waiting to happen.

  7. I heard the commotion, but didn’t go look. As for the pit bull, do you mean Petey (right behind the Hess, light beige in color)? Does anyone know his owner, or if they ever walk him?

  8. no – it wasn’t Petey. Petey is actually a sweet dog (though i still don’t trust him him around my dog since he is a Pit). doesn’t get to go on walks. I like his owner but we have a different philosophy regarding pet care.

    The pit I was referring to lives on R between NJ and 4th. it yelps in the back yard all night long. this is the same dog that attacked MM’s neighbors’ dogs a few months ago. If it attacks again it will be taken by Animal Control. DC has this utterly absurd One Free Bite rule. So, let’s hope it isn’t a child that gets attacked the next time…

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