Research woes: Where TF is that?

Well I’ve now committed to something where I will speak about what I’ve been doing off and on with researching the neighborhood demographics, so I need to clean up my work. I have figured I will focus on the street by street and house by house makeup of my area with 1880 and 1910 and possibly 1900. I’ve finished 1880, I just need to map it all out. I started 1910 because I cannot find the rolls I had for 1900. The Historic Society has 1900, I think, and that’s ok.
The problem I now have is there are streets on the 1880 and 1910 Census that don’t exist now. Second Street is one. Within the confines of what is Census tract 46 aka Truxton, there is no 2nd Street. But there is a 2nd street in the area claimed by the Census. There is also what looks like a Baltimore St. I say looks like, because apparently good legible handwriting was not important for some census workers. So I’m dealing with either a “Baltimore” or a “Biltmore”. Don’t even get me started on surnames.
Difference between 1880 and 1910, so far I’ve done the Mt. Vernon part of Truxton (N St, NY Ave, North Cap and NJ) and I can say there are fewer immigrants. But I’m sure they’ll pop up elsewhere. I am starting to see Russians and Chinese in Truxton in 1910. There were no Russians or Chinese in 1880.