Inclusionary Zoning

Well yesterday’s comments about Inclusionary Zoning has me looking at DC.GOV’s Office of Planning site looking at a rather lengthy PDF file. So far it looks like a mixed income/ mixed use project. And thus far in my reading I have yet to see what the heck the AMI is for 2005 or 2004. In 2004 the AMI (average median income) was about $58K for a single person. So 80% AMI, which is the highest a person can make and still qualify as affordable is $47K. So an entry level GS-9 (for you Feds) or a newbie non-profit professional underling should qualify.
Looking at the Office of Planning’s map, Truxton Circle is identified as a proposed inclusionary zoning area. Right now in my head I’m trying to think of what could be developed. The only area that pops up in my head is North Capitol. Everything else, I think of as low rise residential housing with very few empty buildable lots. I could be wrong and you’re welcomed to point out parts that are good candidates for major development. And what I see proposed by the city seems to be directed at something larger than something that may fit on a skinny little lot on Bates or New Jersey. Of course one could take a look at the co-op between R and Q, but it isn’t as bad as Sursum Corda.
The thing with Truxton, and what I like about it, which may make it difficult for mixed use development, is that it is quite residential. If there are businesses it is on North Cap, with a few on New Jersey and Florida. The businesses in the triangle of Truxton are small, house sized mom & pops. There is just not the space for the mixing of the use. Well, at least I don’t see it.