‘Cause thieves and junkies have mothers too

I don’t remember if it was News 4 or some other local news channel that had a report last night about it, and then I get an e-mail about it, so I guess I should talk about it.
Mother’s Day (May 8th) is coming up and crackheads gotta give mom something too. This year I’m sending my mom roses via FTD, though I believe she’d rather have a gas card. But what does the local crackhead or heroin junkie give his or her mother after they’ve spent every last dime on their fix? So they walk down the street, pondering what to give mom when they notice the pansies you planted in your yard or the petunias in the treebox or the hanging basket of impatiens on your porch. With a scoop of the hand and a discarded BIG GULP cup (or those empty plastic pots sitting in your front yard) they have the perfect junkie arrangement.
So it is suggested that you bring in the prized plants or hold off from putting some flowers in the front yard or treebox until Mother’s day has come and gone. Right now I have $2.00 flowers from Giant in my treebox, along with some mint & thyme. I could try deadheading (cutting off the flowers) all the flowers so that there is only greenery and the plants are less appealing, but I’m too lazy for that. If flowers get stolen I’ll just fill the hole with thyme or mint or throw in some seeds. The rule of the treebox is not to put anything in there I really like. The only thing flowering in my yard is a tomato plant and the peas. I have a hanging basket but nothing is flowering in that, just greenery. Stuff in the backyard has yet to flower, so I’m good. But if they steal my veggies I’m gonna be pissed.