Container garden farm report

Well I don’t think I will try growing impatiens from seed again. Those are a pain. Well with the exception of the heirloom Balsam variety of impatien that seems to be doing ok.
The gem variety of marigolds that were the first flower I was growing this season from seed are doing well in their south facing hanging basket. I hope to get some tasty (remember everything is to be edible) flowers fairly soon! I have planted some more seed in the same pot where I am growing a bush bean. So far a bunch of little seedlings have come up, but for the past week they haven’t done much.
The pot marigolds, another variety, they haven’t done much for several weeks. They came up, looked healthy and kinda just stayed immature looking. I’m sure later on they will spring forth with something.
I’m afraid if I pot another squash plant I will find myself sneaking around at night dumping zucchini on unsuspecting peoples’ doors. I planted one directly into the ground in the front yard, I don’t know if it is green or yellow squash. I also failed to note it in the little notebook I have tracking what I’ve planted where. I have 4 varieties of squash planted in pots in the backyard. They have taken their sweet time germinating. I was worried so I started a plant inside and transplanted it. Then several days later, one squash I had started directly starting poking up. I suppose the others will poke up next week.
I’ll admit I was weak. I bought some tomato plants. I still have the little seedlings from seed in various parts of the yard just being and waiting for heat or something to get growing. So I have a few heirlooms, a lemon boy (what I think is a lemon boy), a patio and some funky variety that’s supposed to produce purple fruit. They haven’t done much either lately.
My peas are so exciting! I have some peas. The currently equal one bite. I’ve gotten some nice flowers but really, I’m interested in eating some sweet peas. I’ll have to wait for them to mature. They are grabbing at anything they can, grass, spider web, other vines, anything. I’m trying to get them to go up the trellis but they seem to have other ideas. They also are serving as food for some aphids. I sprayed them with insecticide soap. Maybe that will help.
Spinach and Salad
Well they are bigger than seedlings but smaller than the baby salad type you get at the store. That hasn’t stopped me from eating them though. I made a salad of the first leaves of spinach (not the true leaves that come later) along with baby, almost premie, argulua and Bibb lettuce. Some I ate simple because I had to thin out my plantings, so don’t worry, there should be enough lettuce and spinach to last me until the weather gets hot and everything begins to bolt.
Peppermint is a weed. It needs no help. So it is in the treebox.
Thyme is okay. I bought some French and English thyme. The Winter Thyme I’m growing from seed is kinda small and thin but I have used a little in my cooking. Maybe as the year goes on it will get robust.
I have yet to plant dill.
The basil is very so, so. Maybe it is too early, but the seedlings are doing a whole lotta nothin’.
When I buy spring onions and I have some left over I typically plant them in the ground. When I need one onion, I then go out and pull it up from the ground, take the bottom part with the roots and bury that. They are still doing ok.
The bunching onions I’m growing are small and I worry about them.

Well it has only been a few months but I think I’m on the right track.


From Jim

At the BACA meeting on Monday, PSA 501 Sgt. Mitchell asked those in
attendance what they felt were the top five public safety priorites in
our part of PSA 501. Hence, I pose this question to you for your input.

At your earliest convenience, please give me some feedback on this

I plan to get back with Sgt. Mitchell on or about May 10, 2005, so
please have your input into me before this date.


Jim Berry