Will the owners of a brown Chevy VA tag JFL 2906…

please refrain from buying drugs in my hood.
Yeah, I called the cops but the blue flashing lights ventured elsewhere after I guess they grabbed the make and model, as I didn’t see anybody get out the car to check it out.
Sorry that whomever you thought you bought from robbed you of $1300. Wait. No I’m not sorry. Go back to Virginia and buy your crack there.

What’s going on with Giant

Well Giant is open. Shopping at 8am there is the way to go as there aren’t any crowds and it is okay provided you don’t need any seafood or fresh baked goods. Over in the $1 section are some throw away paint brushes. I usually grab a bunch of those when I know I’m going to tackle a paint job where I know I’m going to be too lazy to clean them and dry them out. They also have putty knives in the $1 section.
Across the aisle from the $1 items are the seasonal items. Among them, PINK FLAMINGOS!!! For less than $20 a pair of tacky, tacky pink flamingos can be yours. I think I may set a whole flock out in the yard. But I resisted. Besides I have a pair in the basement, they just need legs. They have the citronella candles. So far I’ve been keeping the mosquitoes at bay with lots of incense burning around me.
When I checked out the cashier, an older fellow who has been at the store for years, asked of I lived over on 14th. He asked because the Giant over at the Tivoli Theater in Columbia Heights will be opening soon and he’ll be working over there. He says it is the most modern Giant in the area, even more modern than the Giants out in the suburbs.