One Sunday after church I’m walking around Logan Circle heading to the Whole Foods when I ponder a question. What does Logan have that Truxton doesn’t? And lo, the heavens opened up. Clouds moved back and a strong ray of light had doth shone upon the mass of condo buildings across the road from the store of expensive healthy food.
Density, was the answer. I think. That or 21st century architecture. Signs from heaven are rarely clear. But I think density was the answer. I mean it is one thing to have one obnoxiously expensive house, or even a whole block of obnoxiously expensive houses, but a building filled with several blocks worth of condos no one can afford is a whole ‘nother thing.
Think, people who make enough money to afford these ‘luxury’ condos, and the condo fees, concentrated in a small space. People who don’t need to set aside time and money for household repairs we silly fee-simple owners have to deal with. One or two condo buildings with 100+ upper middle income residents each vs a low density block with a wide range of incomes. Those higher density ‘luxury’ condos can be like the 300 lb economic gorilla when it comes to bringing and attracting new businesses.
On my end of Shaw, we have a few condos but none of them as big as the ones along U Street and over by the Whole Foods. Many condos in or by Truxton are just converted row houses or old 4-6 unit apartment buildings, not really enough to pump up the density of people who aren’t poor. I don’t know if the Urban Land Company’s proposed Monique’s is going to bring enough people in to make a major difference with its 12 units.
Anyway, just wondering. Of course, it could still be the 21st century architecture.

Nothing like fresh salad

There is truely nothing to compare a fresh salad, just picked 30 minutes ago from your own garden. For the past couple of weeks I have been enjoying small almost micro salads from thinings. Recently this week I’m getting close to full salad.
I attack the three or so pots where I’m growing spinach, bibb lettuce and arugula with a pair of scissors and a salad plate. I try to leave 1 leaf on the plant so there is more to come back to later. Then after washing off the dirt and bugs, I throw on some goat cheese, shake on some balsamic vinager and olive oil, and sprinkle on some salt. The leaves are so delicate. Slightly crispy but definately not limp. It just makes me wish I dedicated more pots to salad.
Elsewhere in the garden things are progressing well. I am using fertilizer on a weekly basis, a first for me. But I figure the stuff in the pots, in the backyard, needs it. I’m using a fish emulsion and also a non-organic compound (not Miracle Gro- not that stuff is like crack for plants). The nasturtiums are all leafy and taking over various pots. The French Maragolds have just flowered. Everything else is going at a good clip. With all the greenery the backyard is looking kind of nice.