Tomato flowering & other garden notes

I’m seeing flowers on my tomatoes. I’m so thrilled. Once these bad boys actually get blooming and pollinated and fruiting I’m going to be free of Giant and its high priced crappy tomatoes. At least until the first frost of winter. Tomatoes are like $2.99 a pound! That’s too much. Chicken costs less per pound.
Oh, for my local readers, local meaning within 3 blocks of my house (you know who you are) do you want a tomato plant? I got a seedling in a big yogurt cup and no place to plant it. I’ve got about 7 tomato plants growing right now and I don’t think I can find a place for another. Yes, seven. There’s the two plants I bought in the front yard. One grown from seed is over by the peas (which are doing well), which I’ve forgotten which variety it is….(same goes for the give away it’s either a yellow boy hybrid or an heirloom red). In the back I have a tomato in the recycle bin, 2 tomatoes in rolling pots, and 1 in a very small pot that really needs to be transferred to something bigger.
As mentioned the peas are doing well. They produce pretty flowers and sweet tasty peas that I eat raw. Well the ones I planted early do. The ones in the back planted later, have done nothing but grow. They have not flowered or anything. Well now I know when I should plant them for Spring. I will grow more come Fall when the weather cools down.
Also by the peas, I noticed the passion flower is coming back. The passion flower was something I bought from the Garden District last year and put in a pot. Well it produced a heck of a lot of flowers, but no fruit. Bah! Well parts of the flower were edible. Anyway, when Winter came, I went to move the pot and pull out the plant, with no intention to save it. The roots had gone out of the pot and into the ground. I didn’t give it much thought, until seeing the baby passion flower vine attach itself to my peas. Well I guess I’ll have many pretty blue and weird looking flowers this year.