Tag your own can

Well the experiment to put bumper stickers on my trash and recycle bins failed. The sticker won’t stay stuck.
Black or any colored marker doesn’t help with the lid. Markings I’ve made with the Sharpie have long faded and washed away.
The paint is slowly peeling off. On some parts of the can the latex paint is just not sticking. Spray paint is an option and it is very durable, but without a decent template, it can make for unclear markings.
But I have discovered some other fun way to identify my recycle and trash bins. Colored chalk. Not very permanent, but extremely easy.
I have a wall I turned into a big chalk board. I typically write notes to remind myself of stuff, like laundry. Anyway, so I had a piece of chalk and tested out how long it would stay on the can. So far, things on the side of the can have survived a good 2 weeks. Things written on top of the can, go away after the first rain.
The temporary nature of the chalk allows for the fun. I can write other things besides my house and street number on the bins. On the recycle bin I’ve written little slogans. On the trash can, on the top, I decided to write “trashier than a soap opera.” Yup, I wouldn’t have painted that on.

One thought on “Tag your own can”

  1. Use a hot soldering iron, wood burning tool or heat up a piece of steel with a torch, etc. and BRAND your can.

    Also, while the plastic is in its molten state, you could add glitter.

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