Where’s the party? @ the Party wall

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A Question, to hostess MM and other readers, about partywalls: Do you have them? They seem kinda scarce on my block and recent bathroom work made it obvious we don’t have any. We are new, infill development built in the early 90’s… and I’m suddenly deciding to fret that this will cause many hassles in the future. Any insight from other Shaw owners?

Talk about your party wall.
I have party walls, on the side that separates me from the Ethiopians, it is crap. The side that separates me from B&IT, it is okay, depends on what floor I’m on. I know there is only one layer of crappy brick between me and the Ethiopians, which is why I smell it when they burn toast. Every odd moment I might hear B&IT move things around, but they have wood floors and that may play a part.

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  1. I had party walls on both sides of my Logan Circle home. Since the house was 12 feet wide it was a total nightmare. Party walls were not built with subwoofers in mind. Isn’t it fun when the pictures on the wall are rattling and the floor is shaking? I’ll move to a trailer on a mountain somewhere before I live with party walls again.

  2. Many years ago I was living in an apartment in Columbia, and I started hearing mysterious noises from my upstairs neighbors… Loud music, rumbling noises, and then -CRASH-. Repeated, over and over. Eventually I figured out what it was– Roller Disco!

  3. I do indeed mean the fire wall barrier – not that my neighbors party. They don’t – though their toddler does have a good set of lungs. What I mean is – does anyone else not have a separate shared brick or cinderblock wall between their house and their neighbors? I don’t on either side… meaning that when I strip back the wall board, I see a brick wall that my neighbor has studiously exposed for trendiness on his side. Creating the question of – whose wall is it? And if my one neighbor sells his crappy place and they demolish it, tearing down the wall, what does that mean for us?

  4. You have no idea how glad I am that I live in a giant poured concrete monstrosity of a high rise….

  5. What on Earth is a “partywall”? It sounds kind of fun. If I put a partywall up in my home, will I get more guests? Does it affect the accoustics of my party music?

    P.S.: We (heart) Marie since she allows non-Blogger unregistered users to comment. xxoo.

  6. Jimbo,
    You silly man you. To get more guests you need to offer food. Food brings people. And tell them you have a party wall (if you live in a rowhouse you have a party wall) and you want to test the sound dampening effects to see how long does it takes the neighbors to call the cops.

    Thanks. I’ll offer it as long as I can delete the comments of stupid people who attack others (or me) without signing off or owning up to their words. Or delete whatever comments I want for any reason.

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