Peaceful Patio

Yesterday I was able to enjoy my patio in peace. I would have fallen asleep in the backyard of only my chair reclined back, which it didn’t, so I had to go in the house and nap on the couch. But before retreating, I just took in the joy of undisturbed laziness. And the main reason why I could enjoy my patio boiled down to the fact that screaming woman and her family moved away and so their house sits empty.
Well it also helped that the on again, off again, rehabbers were also not there. Yesterday was off. I gather they will finish doing the house by Christmas next year at this rate. The guy doing it can be fairly loud, with the radio blasting and various power tools going.
There weren’t a lot of people passing through the alley either. I counted 2 cars and two or four people walking through and not stopping.
Throw in good weather, blue skies, a gentle breeze and it was all good.

7 thoughts on “Peaceful Patio”

  1. MM –
    What’s the mosquito situation like in your part of Shaw? Over in Bloomingdale, they *thick* by late May (this is probably the last ‘mosquito-free’ weekend we’ll get). I used to live in Dupont and they weren’t so bad – maybe its the reservoir up the hill that causes them to breed with such gusto. Anyway, it definitely limits patio time for me.

    – JM

  2. So far, so good. *knock on wood*
    I do remember last year being horrid and slathering myself with DEET.
    I am hoping for a good lite mosquito spring and summer because
    a) New alley: hopefully less pooling water.
    b) Fewer abandoned properties where stuff sits and water sits
    c) 1.5 fewer trees
    and d) my super plan to fight bugs where I burn a bunch of incense and citronella candles to make the backyard smokier than high-high mass at St. Paul’s.

  3. I heard bats were good for mosquito control. Matt was going to build a bat house but then my nurse friend Cindi mentioned rabies and razor sharp teeth and we chickened out.

  4. Scott,
    You have no room in your backyard for a bat house anyways. Citronella my friend, lots and lots of something that burns and is smokey, that and a fire extinguisher and you’d be good.

  5. I bought a gallon of the garlic oil mosquito treatment for this year, but haven’t used it yet. supposed to be the best stuff out there. kills mosquitos & their eggs, & keeps them away for 2 weeks per treatment. But you need one of those pump sprayers.

    Now, if only I could find something similar (and legal) for the hoodlums playing basketball on Richardson.

  6. Scott-
    Looks great. But the great designers of my block might be able to beat you in Flower Power 2005, buwahahahaaw!

    So they are back at it again on Richardson? I think I remember it was tackled before but not being a resident of that block I don’t remember the details. What I do remember is you may want to check to see if any kids who actually live on that block lives over there is part of that group. It takes just one teenager who happens to live over there can make getting rid of the crowd. Kids/teens who aren’t allowed a certain distance from home (ie FL park is out of bounds) was an excuse last time. Talk with some Richardson people and find out what they did lastime.

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