Old House Supplier

I just like looking at their catalog. Renovator’s Old Mill sends me their catalog on a regular basis and I can fantasize about buying antique looking hardware, or wallpaper, or shower heads. But really, am I?
I don’t have anything from the 19th century showing in the house. Zip. Nothing. No cute historical details. All got ripped out, way before I showed up. So there is no pressure to keep a historical theme to any home improvements. I could go completely modern and it would look fine. But part of me wants to bring a little of the 19th century back into the house. I dream of Renovator’s slipper bathtubs.
The other old house supplier I love going to and just looking around at is The Brass Knob and their Back Door’s Warehouse up in Adams Morgan. I spend more time in their warehouse, looking at the tubs and the sinks, doors, radiators and what have you. It is just cool to wander around and dream.