Out into the cold cold world

Well some of my baby plants, have been placed in pots outside. I hope at least 1/2 of them live.
It is getting very crowded in the kitchen where they all have been sitting. I have had to transfer the tomato plants to bigger pots with bigger footprints. I will plant them outside on Tax Day (4/15/2004) which is supposed to be and I hope IS the last frost date for this area. And when we have 50F degree nights the picky citrus will be banished to the backyard.

One thought on “Out into the cold cold world”

  1. If I wasn’t going on vacation next week, I’d be pulling my bonsai trees out of winter storage. When it comes to trees, most need to be keep outside but protected from the frost. I keep notes and I noticed that this time last year, I had pulled the trees out and temps were at least ten degrees higher.

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