Fish Fry


For the second consecutive week, the BACA’s Youth Services Committee is sponsoring a Fish Fry tomorrow at Ebenezer Baptist Church, 46 Q Street, N.W., from 11:00 a.m. until they sell out of food. The proceeds from this event will assist in the implementation of a schedule of a series of activities that they intend to produce for youths in our community this summer.

If at all possible, please support this activity. Flyers have been circulated around the community, but I am trying to boost their promotional efforts via this electronic appeal to you.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please use the telephone numbers below.

We thank you in advance for your support!


Jim Berry
Bates Area Civic Association, Inc.

Youth Services Committee of the Bates Area Civic Association, Inc.

-Is Having A –
Date: Friday, February 22 , 2008
11:00 a.m. until Sold Out
Ebenezer Baptist Church

46 Q Street, NW

Washington , DC 20001
Phone Orders to:
(202) 265-5344 OR (202) 679-3422

__ Fried Chicken Leg/Breast $6.00

__Grilled Spare Ribs $9.00
__ Trout $7.00
___Filet Whiting Fish $7.00

Potato Salad; Corn Pudding; Candid Yams;

String Bean; Cabbage
___Trout or Whiting Fish ___ $5.00
__Chicken $4.00
__Spare Ribs $7.00
Cakes & Pies
Soft Drinks

Poptops & Additions

1802 11th StWandering around Monday, I took a lot of pictures of houses, looking for 3rd story additions, some that can be called poptops and other additions that possibly could have been added some time after the structure was initially built. That being, say a house was built in 1899, in 1930 maybe an addition was thrown on. As a disclaimer for several of the buildings I’ve labeled poptop in flickr, I don’t know for sure if they all are additions. What I am focusing on is the difference in height between their neighbors, and how well or not they blend in.
When I first saw the house at 435 S Street NW going up, I really didn’t think anything nice looking would appear. Half right, half wrong. I was walking back from Thai X-ing walking down New Jersey Avenue at night, when I caught a glimpse of the rear of 435 with the lights burning through the large windows. I gasped at the beauty of it. It looked lovely. But the loveliness is limited to the back. The front, not as nice looking with the pedestrian looking vinyl siding and Home Depot door. Nothing that can’t be later improved with stucco or brick tiles (or tiles) and a clear glass door.
Typically, when these additions are reported they tend to be the ugliest of ugly. I don’t believe they have to be that way. Third floor additions can be quite nice. My favorite add-on is near the corner of R & 5th, and it is the only one where I’ve been inside to take a look. As I remember, the designer/homeowner was an engineer by trade and German. The top floor was a bedroom with a bathroom in a box, in front of a small landing that led out to the deck, that overlooks 5th St. The bathroom in the box was novel, in that it did not go all the way to the ceiling letting the outside light go over it and in it.
We have to acknowledge that people want/need more space. One way to get more space is to move out to the ‘burbs. Yet, this other way, adding on to the homes we already have, can be done well, and keeps people in the city. We should encourage good design, instead of dismissing ALL 3rd floor additions because too many lack the vision to do them well.
Cabin on TopLastly, I leave you with this image spotted on the blog Desire to Inspire in their post about AJS Design in New York City. It’s a little rooftop cabin. I think it is adorable.

Scanning History

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I’m trying to bring some order to my history collection. Somethings I’m holding on to because I wanted to share them with others, like this letter. But knowing that it is the responsibility of the Federal Government to keep the blasted thing, then there is no real reason for me to hold on to it, and I may as well chuck the copy I have.
I also updated my DC Maps on Flickr, so there are some 1887 parts of the Truxton Circle ‘hood.
Anyway, I’m guess the letter is difficult to read from my blog page. It is from the April 7, 1966 Open session of the NCPC on the topic of the Shaw School Urban Renewal Area’s boundaries. My fav part of the letter reads “WHEREAS, it appears that conditions of slum, blight, and deterioration exist in this area which are detrimental to health, safety, and welfare of the inhabitants and occupants of the area of the District of Columbia….”

Urban Renewal: So what were you thinking?

I’ve been meaning to getting around to talking about a lovely record group at the National Archives. If you go to their OPAC called ARC and throw in the phrase “National Capitol Planning Commission” you will find a slew of series that pertain to the history and development of the District of Columbia. Records Relating to Urban Renewal (ARC ID# 784266) do contain a lot of info about Shaw and other areas that got ‘renewed’ in the middle of the 20th Century. Another series I want to focus on in this post are the Transcripts of Proceedings and Minutes of Meetings, 01/1924 – 12/02/1999 (ARC ID# 1571319).
At the 1962 September Open Session Meeting of the Commission (9/13/1962), when speaking about the Northeast No. 1 Urban Renewal Project, Brig. General F.J. Clarke made the statement:

Urban Renewal, as presently thought of, may be separated into 2 principal categories: First, being those actions which are concerned with preventing future slums, namely improved planning, improved codes, etc.; and, 2nd, the elimination of existing slum or blighted areas.
In this category of eliminating existing slums, the primary purpose of urban renewal is the elimination of slum or blighted areas by various means: acquisition and demolition of structures; the rehabilitation of existing structures; installation of public facilities, and other measures.
Secondarily in purpose but not in importance is the prevention of the recurrence of slum and blighted conditions again in the redeveloped or renewed area.

There’s more, but I don’t feel like transcribing it right now. It points a bit to the thinking of the ‘why’. It’s getting to the what, that makes things interesting.

More on Timor Bodega

Dairy Case II
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I’ve polished off my bottle of chocolate milk and I want more. However, I’m currently using the milk bottle as a vase. Once those flowers are dead, I’m getting more milk and popping the Lactaid. Until then, pretty picture of the milk case at the Timor Bodega @ 200 Rhode Island Ave, NW.
I’m also enjoying the salad greens from the store. I got 1/2 a pound of mixed greens for $4. There are other fresh food items like yellow carrots, and blue potatoes. I also picked up a nice bottle of wine and the owner, Mr. Kim Wee, was nice enough to talk about the different white wines, the flavors, the dryness, and other wine descriptors.
I had asked Kim about the store and it’s story and he said he’s been open for about 2 months. The milk and cream pictured comes from Trickling Springs Creamery in Pennsylvania. The beef and chicken from the Emerald Farm Network, and the salad greens and pork from the Truck Patch Farm in Maryland.
Store hours are 4:30-8:30PM Monday thru Friday, 9:30AM-8:30PM Saturday, and 9:30AM-6PM Sunday. So early enough to grab a something on your commute to work if you pass by. The Timor Bodega takes credit cards.
Ask Kim about coffee. I don’t drink the stuff, but he is quite interested in coffee.

Go Outside. Now.

Popped top on S?
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The man on the TV said it was 70F degrees out
I took a little walk about this morning and it was just wonderful. The sky is blue and it is barely sweater weather, more like two shirts weather. I went on a picture taking trip looking for 3rd floor additions in Shaw, and found some. Also spotted families, dog walkers, doggies, hipsters, also getting out and enjoying the sunshine. If you’re stuck inside an office, run out and just take15 minutes to bask in this lovely light.

Stop. You had me at 'local dairy'

Timor Store
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At this very moment I am enjoying something I thought I wouldn’t have again since the dairy guy at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market went out of business…. chocolate milk from a glass bottle.
I experienced a rush of complete joy when I wandered into Timor at 200 Rhode Island Ave NW, in Bloomingdale after a booze run at Bloomingdale Liquors. There in the glass case was milk. Not just any milk, milk in glass bottles. Cream in glass bottles. If I didn’t have milk already in the fridge I would have bought plain milk. Instead, I bought the chocolate milk.
There are some other like products in this little store that has recently opened. Meat supplied from a Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market guy. Yellow carrots, vegetarian mushroom soup, “good” beer (I’ll have to take the owner’s word since I don’t know beer), fresh fruit, smoked salmon, etc. I hope to have more info later.

1st & Q.

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55 Q Street NW is up for sale but I was not entirely sure this was the same house. Why? Because the photo being shown on ZipRealty is a crappy magneta colored ugly thing from 2003. I’m encountering a lot of bad re-used photos on Ziprealty. Redfin is better. Anyway this house on the corner is going for 1/2 a milllllion dallahs, $500K.
It is a two unit building, a trend I noticed with some of the turn of the century homes that were built as investment properties. The rental units are bringing in $1340 & $1215 a month, $2555 in total. You’d need a big down payment to get the rentals to cover the price of the mortgage. People you wonder why renters get kicked out? Because their rent don’t cover the mortgage and taxes.
Sorta on the other side of the street is 1537 1st St NW at the much cheaper price of $299K. And, it has parking.

34 Q St NW 4Sale

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I’m not sure which house is 34 Q. Actually, I’ve been flipping through my flickr collection and trying to match up houses for sale, and I really need to take more pictures…. and do a better job of taking the addresses.
From the description, I am guessing it is a short sale as the bank has to approve the price. But what you get for your $305,000 is a 10 bedroom 3 bath, 3500 sq ft vacant building with taxes high enough to make you cry if you keep it vacant. The price is a significant reduction from the $550K it started off as back in July of 2007. And the seller is taking a big hit as it was purchased in 2006 for $685K. *wince*