B.’s Stadium Book gets WP write up

My next door neighbor/co-worker B. has his book Capital Sporting Grounds out now and his book got some love from Marc Fisher. I just got the book in my hot little hands today, and I hope to give an honest as I can report of it once done.
I’m a bit more interested in Capital Sporting Grounds than the other book he released last year, because its topic is development history in Washington DC. Also B. gave a pretty interesting presentation sometime back at the Historical Society about stadium development and some of the backroom dealing involved. B. is interested in the story and I look forward to experiencing his storytelling.

3 thoughts on “B.’s Stadium Book gets WP write up”

  1. Is your neighbor selling copies of his book personally? It looks very interesting and I would love to buy one. I could order off of the link you provided, but if he has copies on hand, I would rather just buy from him directly if that is an option.

  2. Yes, he is selling some copies directly and via the publisher’s link. Contact him through his website bla2222.wordpress.com/ by leaving a comment because I see that he doesn’t have a way to contact him any other way. The publisher I believe offers free shipping.
    Note, I will bring the contact thing to his attention.

  3. This looks like an interested read. However I find it interesting that the book is about stadium building in Washington, DC and he chose a photo of FedEx Field in Prince George’s County for the cover.

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