5D/4D Court Watch

Stolen from 5D listserv

Good Evening All:

Please attend the first 5D/4D Court Watch meeting at the Fifth District on
March 27, 2009, from 6-8 p.m. We will discuss community impact statements and
what we can do as citizens to ensure the Court supports our priority for
increased public safety. Representatives from the US Attorney’s Office and
Superior Court will attend.

Our partnership with the US Attorney’s Office and Superior Court will ensure
that we remain informed regarding the status of individuals that violate the
law and negatively affect our safety. All are encouraged to attend.

Old Streetcar route: The Fourth Street Line

From Rider’s Washington, 1924.

Fourth Street Line: operates between Steamboat wharves (M and Water Sts., S.W.) and W St. and Georgia Ave., N.W. Route: northwest on Water St. to 11th St., north on 11th St. to Virginia Ave., northwest on Virginia Ave., to B St., west on B St. to 14th St., nort on 14th St. to G St. N.W., east on G St. to 5th St., north on 5th St. to New York Ave., northeast on New York Avenue to 4th St., north on 4th St. to Florida Ave., east on Florida Ave., to 3rd St., north on 3rd St. to Elm St., west on Elm St. to 4th St., north on 4th St. to W St. to Georgia Ave.
Car signs: northbound, “LEDRIOT PARK”; southbound, “WHARVES.”

Is it just me or does that sound like a screwy route?