Real Estate TMI

Georgetown Metropolitan said it best, “sort of creepy”. The site is called Block Shopper. On one level it is good to know how many hands a property that’s up for sale went through since 2001. However, when it gets down to Technology Engineer Bob Brown sells Dupont Circle house for $899,088, that’s too much information. Seriously, too much.
Also (I just noticed) they STOLE, STOLE, as in not attributing or crediting, my Flickr pix. A few weeks ago I got on the case about this with the owner of one 4th Street house who used my picture of his house (and the neighboring houses) to advertise it as a rental. Hey-zeus Christie people, I don’t want money but I do want to be asked or acknowledged. Yes, someone’s getting a terse email.

Friday Misc

Not far from the S Street exit of the Shaw/Howard U metro station exit is this event at the New Community Art Space. The graphic I was given has been a bit hard for me to read but there is a web site

Well the Bates Area Civic Association (BACA), which covers the northern portion of the Truxton Circle area, has a new blog. Jim Berry, who sent me the notice about it also informed me about a knitting crocheting group forming:

HAVE YOU WANTED TO LEARN TO KNIT OR CROCHET? HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!!! A group is being formed at St. George’s Episcopal Church and you are invited to sign-up. The purpose of this group is to meet and fellowship while learning and sharing the crafts of knitting and crocheting. The group is open to the community; both female and male, adults and children (9 years of age and older) are welcome. The first meeting will be held in St. George’s Parish Hall, 160 U Street, N.W., on Saturday, March 21, 2009, between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 3:00p.m. Bring your needles

And speaking of yarn, last week I wandered into the neatest little yarn store evah! Not in DC but along Route 1, Rhode Island Ave/ Baltimore Ave, across the street from Franklin’s in what I’m generally going to call Hyattsville. It’s called a Tangled Skein. I’ve always passed by it, and after subduing my driver with Franklin’s food I talked him into joining me across the street to check out this place. If you are allergic to wool, do not enter because you will die. They have alpaca wool, cashmere wool, plain old wool, wool blends, and silk yarns. The shop gave me the same thrill as fabric stores as I went around feeling the different yarns. I bought, for my mom, a couple of acrylic wool blend skeins.