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IMGoph has a post up about the presentation for the streetscape around the Howard Theater area.
I’ve kinda lost general interest in the Howard because in the early 2000s I attended the meetings and heard the presentations for saving the Howard Theater, and then nada. Nothing. Zip. The Howard, the O Street Market, and anything else I was waiting for to get going during the real estate boom years, didn’t. So now I’m jaded.
I got to thinking, if the Howard is restored and turned into a working theater, wouldn’t it be in competition with the Lincoln up the street?

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  1. yep, it probably will be. but the waving of hands is meant to distract your thoughts from that.

    i didn’t add it to my write-up, but there were still a few people who were complaining about the lack of a “local” (read: born and raised in DC african american) sculptor. everyone else realized that ship sailed a long time ago.

  2. *eyes rolling*

    Do the folks clamoring for a Black local sculptor have anyone in mind? Or do they expect the city to conjure one up? There are Black sculptors in and around the DC metro area, but I do wonder if there are actually any a)born in DC; b)doing a kind of style that is suitable for ‘public art’ and c)actually wants to be bothered with micromanaging old bitties. Oh I mean ‘the community’.

  3. two theaters in the same area would be good. competition is the main principle for our glorious captialism. :-p

  4. THANK YOU. The fact that the Lincoln Theater is (1) right down the street, (2) has about one show a month, and (3) requires regular massive infusions of city money to keep the doors open are such huge, obviously relevent facts it’s just amazing that no one brings them up.

    I live three blocks from the Howard Theater and would love nothing more than for it to be developed into SOMETHING. But another theater owned by a bumbling community semi-public entity? You’ve gotta be kidding me! It’s just going to sit empty.

    To commenter “c”, yes this would be true if they were private capitalist entities. but they’re not. They’re BOTH nonprofits propped up by the city, which means they will be big empty shells we shovel money into that get used ten times a year.



  5. why does howard university operate the theatre? they could sure use a better one and in the community and not on that hill.


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