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Georgetown Metropolitan said it best, “sort of creepy”. The site is called Block Shopper. On one level it is good to know how many hands a property that’s up for sale went through since 2001. However, when it gets down to Technology Engineer Bob Brown sells Dupont Circle house for $899,088, that’s too much information. Seriously, too much.
Also (I just noticed) they STOLE, STOLE, as in not attributing or crediting, my Flickr pix. A few weeks ago I got on the case about this with the owner of one 4th Street house who used my picture of his house (and the neighboring houses) to advertise it as a rental. Hey-zeus Christie people, I don’t want money but I do want to be asked or acknowledged. Yes, someone’s getting a terse email.

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  1. Miss In Shaw has a big ‘ol hickory baseball bat with rusty nails sticking out of it and she’s not afraid to use it when people steal her Flickr pics without permission.

  2. woah. I just learned how much most of my neighbors paid for their houses! If I knew Fenty’s address, we could find that too! You just easily search by zipcode and street name.

  3. creepy is an understatement. I’m shocked that they can just put our personal business out there… but then we have a city council that just worries about our using plastic bags, and leave too many lights on at night.


  4. This city is dysfunctional, but at least it is full of anally retentive obsessive compulsive types.

    I just changed my name from Stoma (Still thinking of moving away) to

    Oh. (Outta here)


  5. highly creepy and sounds like some of it is made up. um 1130 5th street definitely does not have 12 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms. 420 m street didnt sell for 3.7 million dollars, wtf?

    owner names & recent sales, even deeds & mortgage docs are publicly available on the DC website but its really sketch to post narratives with peoples professional info like that.

  6. I think I found a clue and had a suspicion of it because of the way it was written…. they’re getting the personal info from LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is the only social networking sites I use, but I keep the # connections to people I know, or knew. This really makes me skittish.

    The names of owners, addresses of houses and how much they paid, is fine as public info. You need to know that when hunting down an absentee landlord/owner, getting ammo to contest your assessment, and to get a sense of changes and development in your hood. However, resumes attached to house sales, I fail to see how that helps. iTech guys are all over the city, so are departmental (non-prof/ govt/ etc) directors. It’s not like Oprah or Bradgelina is moving to your hood.

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