214 P St NW

Vacant on P 2
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Broken windows, bad paint, weedy yard, just a lot of ugly. According to the DC tax database this vacant house is a class 3 exeception, so it is paying regular taxes, and not the vacant house rate. The owner is Steward Investments in Clinton, MD and they came to possess it in 2006 for 419K.
I am not going to quibble about that value, as the house next door is up for sale for $750K.

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  1. whoever owns the house next door is delusional. if i had $740 to drop on a house … why wouldn't I buy a mansion in Columbia Heights where I could walk to multiple palces to eat and a grocery store?

    this six bedroom palace at 3524 13TH ST is "only" $720,000.comes with a deck adn 2 parking spaces.


    People are nuts. There are dozens of better houses in "better" neighborhood listed for slae. What are they thinking???

    It makes me mad because the houses sit empty and then get rented out, rather than sold at realistic prices to people with lower incomes (say, those of us who are gainfully employed but make less than $100,000 a year) and who will be invested in the neighborhood.

    Peace, Molly

  2. It seems sellers aren’t pricing houses at what the market says they are worth but at what they may still owe the bank or some other figure.

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