Inauguration Musings- Neighborhoods get f’d

I’m reading the Post article about transportation and the inauguration, and it looks like some close in neighborhoods are going to get screwed for three days. When I read “Neighborhood parking rules and meter enforcement in the District will be suspended Saturday through Inauguration Day,” I see a nightmare for everyone who parks on the street living within 1-2 miles of the Capitol. Tell your friends who will be crashing at your place, to carpool.
So far no one knows what streets will be closed off, and when, and how much driver chaos will seep onto neighborhood streets. Hopefully, the closures will be short lived, for a few hours. Who am I kidding? Several hours. Stock up on stuff before the crowds arrive because it will be like a marathon, Sunday church parking, and rush hour rolled into one.

9 thoughts on “Inauguration Musings- Neighborhoods get f’d”

  1. ok, fine. if parking rule enforcement is suspended, then i’d like to ask that enforcement against retaliation be suspended.

    if a car with indiana plates is blocking the street, parked in front of a hydrant or a crosswalk, i just want to be able to accidentally take off their side-view mirrors, that’s all.

  2. I’m recommending to all my neighbors to make sure that when they park on the street the night before the Inaugration, that they leave at least one car length between them and the car in front of them – just don’t leave room for any buses to park on your residential street – otherwise, you’ll have bus after bus after bus on your street. /TR

  3. Oh my, well here’s to an uneventful delivery on the 24th after the crowds have left.
    I hope the city has an idea of how to deal with emergency services for the nearby areas.

  4. I don’t understand the connection between Obama and all these gov agencies suddenly deciding to suspend their fees. Jack up the fees! Christ, the free Metro parking is going to clog up the suburbs and the free street parking is going to clog up the district. These out-of-towners are coming anyways, might as well make money off of them to make up the millions being spent to accomodate them.

  5. its not like anyone is going to care about being ticketed anyway.

    see a parking spot? take it. $30 ticket is probably worth it.

    rest assured that streets and metro will be clogged no matter what fees they charge.

  6. Mark’s wife and me too… I’m reading all of this trying to think what I will do if the baby comes early. Our support network lives in Alexandria… and short of a catapult, they ain’t gettin’ here if the baby comes on Tuesday.

    I’m hoping for a late delivery, after everyone goes home, tho that might mean some really tired hospital staff. All around, this has added som worries to the pregnancy.

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