Take the cab

I type this advice as I remember my last trek home at night I walked alone. I did take a series of buses, and wound up at a point (5 blocks from the house) where I couldn’t mentally justify paying for a cab. I completely acknowledge that it wasn’t my brightest moment.
Tuesday there was a Shaw murder where the victim was walking home. Truxton resident, Durval Martins, was killed at 11th and Q around 3 AM.
If you’re cheap like me you probably loathe spending money for a cab, but if you are going out at night, mentally add cab fare to that night’s expenses. Tuck away $10-$20 bucks before you head out to the clubs or wherever, for cab fare. Seriously, if you’re coming back home in the wee AM hours, be safe and take a cab. The eyes on the street have gone to bed and you’re on your own. Hail a cab. If there are no cabs where you are, get over to a major street and keep a sharp eye out or have the establishment where you’re leaving call the cab for you.

4 thoughts on “Take the cab”

  1. During the holidays we can justify a cab fare with this mental trick: if you’re coming home from a party where the booze was free, you can spend the money you would normally have spent at the bar for a cab.

    The other way you can justify paying for a cab is to think, “Someone will kill me if I walk home alone at night.” That usually works for me.

  2. The thing that is shocking to me is how little coverave this murder has received. Besides the Blade, I don’t think anyone really covered this story. I mean, a man was walking down the street and got shot in the head. That is messed up. Thanks for mentioning it here, although i think that it’s a much bigger problem than “should have taken a cab”. It seems most of the other neighborhood blogs haven’t really picked up the story so I do thank you for brining it up.

  3. There was another attack near Howard U on 4th(?) St within 24 hrs of this one and it has received the same amount of non-attention.
    Also Jim and I have been on our little safety crusades, so this ties into it, which is why we’re harping on the take a cab theme. Jimbo was going on the take a cab theme at least a few weeks ago when there was a very bad beating at 4th and R.

  4. Jimbo… I like your logic!

    I am cheap and don’t like cabs. Cab drivers can be unpleasant to lone women riders. While I too have done stupid things like walking home at 3 am, I don’t encourage mari to do so… maybe someone at the party could give you a ride?

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