1115 Rhode Island Ave NW

I lived across the street from this spot for nearly a year in the basement of the squat apartment and never really gave it much thought. Then when I went to work at that place that pays me, I kept seeing the address pop up in various documents and really couldn’t place it in my head. Well bopping around in databases it popped up with a picture and now I know why I kept seeing the address, it’s part of the Historic American Buildings Survey (Survey number HABS DC-470).
Here’s my problem. There are over 900 locations in the District of Columbia in this survey. New York City, over 200. New York is bigger, older, and more f’ing populous why does the District have such a concentration of ‘historic’ buildings? Among the District’s buildings on the list are some notable and inarguably truly historic buildings, with an actual role in national history, and then, there are some plain Janes.