Inauguration Musings- The Day After

The train was crowded this morning. It seems there was a problem on the green line and there were all these people. At least they were regulars and knew how the system worked.
Yesterday I was overhearing some co-workers talking and wondering about getting to work the day after the inauguration. The people who do come to DC (and haven’t been scared away by the crowds) for January 20th may still be around January 21st. They may be hopping on the metro to get to Union Station, National, Dulles, or BWI. They might be hanging out with friends they’re crashing with or just getting over the hangover from the inaugural party. The thought of having several thousand people on the metro, who don’t know our sacred law of stand on the right, doesn’t thrill me. Then there will be those in cars trying to get out… the beltway is going to be a mess.
I might put in for leave for the 21st. Or mentally prepare myself to walk to work. The 70 and 79 bus is crowded normally. I could hop on the Circulator and get to work.

Take the cab

I type this advice as I remember my last trek home at night I walked alone. I did take a series of buses, and wound up at a point (5 blocks from the house) where I couldn’t mentally justify paying for a cab. I completely acknowledge that it wasn’t my brightest moment.
Tuesday there was a Shaw murder where the victim was walking home. Truxton resident, Durval Martins, was killed at 11th and Q around 3 AM.
If you’re cheap like me you probably loathe spending money for a cab, but if you are going out at night, mentally add cab fare to that night’s expenses. Tuck away $10-$20 bucks before you head out to the clubs or wherever, for cab fare. Seriously, if you’re coming back home in the wee AM hours, be safe and take a cab. The eyes on the street have gone to bed and you’re on your own. Hail a cab. If there are no cabs where you are, get over to a major street and keep a sharp eye out or have the establishment where you’re leaving call the cab for you.