Halloween in the Hood 2008

Tomorrow is Halloween, and yes, kids do trick or treat in Shaw.
Last year Frozen Tropics had some really good tips for prepping for the day. Also if this is your first Halloween, you may want to check with neighbors to see if there is anyone else giving out candy, ’cause if yours is the lone house, it may decrease the numbers of kids showing up.
Kids have shown up on our block between 5:30 or 6:30 or 7PM and 8PM when some of us stop giving our candy. The sign of when to stop giving out candy is when you’ve get bands of uncostumed teenagers coming to your door for candy. I stop when the cute kid signal fades out with the crappy teen noise. Then I turn off my porch light, turn off the 1st floor lights and retreat to the rear of the house.

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3 thoughts on “Halloween in the Hood 2008”

  1. I haven’t given out candy for years but last year on Nov 1 two little girls I had never seen before rang my doorbell and asked if I had any candy left over.

    I was stunned…

  2. i never answer the door on halloween in shaw. i stand outside for an hour during the kiddy rush and then that’s it. no surprises for in shaw.


  3. In my neighborhood, there were people sitting out on porches waiting for trick-or-treaters (plus), but when I got to my block I saw mobs of people I’d never seen before—young adults (20-somethings) with their kids (minus). One was wheeling around a small baby in a stroller and getting candy for this baby, a baby who probably doesn’t even have teeth! None had costumes on and one of the kids was walking around with a garbage bag-sized plastic K-mart bag asking for candy. Shaking my head.

    I live in a basement apartment and use a rear entrance, so no one bothered me.

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