This Could Be Yours For $199K

1624 4th St NW
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Looking on Redfin there are a few places in NW DC that can be had for less than $200K. This is one. It will more than likely need work. However, it may be one of those things you can fix up while living rough. Sort of a bachelor project or something for a super handy couple.
Yet, it is interesting to see the number “1” in front of the numbers for some abodes again. Haven’t seen that number starting housing prices since 2003. Don’t be fooled by the 4 bedroom 3 bath claim. Houses on that side of the street are small and are usually 2 bedroom and at the most 2 bathrooms.

Thanks metro

I would like to thank the metro employees at the Shaw/Howard this station for dealing with the man laying on the platform this morning. The guy may have been very, very sleepy and drunk, but coming off a train to some guy just laying there is disturbing. It would have been one thing if he decided to nap on one of the benches, but turning himself into one big ole trip hazard is unacceptable.