KIPP and the arts

I want to thank Neda for cc’ing me in an email inquiring about KIPP and FLUX, as it got me to get around to asking KIPP’s Mr. Alex Shawe about more informationwhich he provided (PDF). It’s the executive summary, there is a more detailed paper with diagrams and good stuff but it’s a big file. Anyway in the diagrams you would see where a proposed arts space would be in relation to the school part.
Yes, I know it is cruel to talk about a picture you can see and I’m not providing. But when I first heard of the arts/ school combo I was thinking of a shared building like it would be a duplex, or townhouse with English basement, where each party has separate space in the same structure. After looking at the drawings it is more like roommates but where one roommate dominates. Shared space really looks shared. There are separate rooms, but it looks like shared hallways, entrances, exits and the artists and kids would not be able to avoid each other. This sparks a list of concerns in my head.
Like I mentioned before charter schools get first dibs on public school buildings. So if KIPP were to get Cook/Cooke it would be the primary roommate in this scenario who would set the tone. This may limit what an arts roommie can and cannot do or leave up/ lying around or perform during nap time. However, if the two parties can work something out in a way that the relationship is beneficial and enriching, the community will be changed for the better.
With the arts traditionally being on the bottom of public schools’ agendas (probably because you can’t put it on a standardized test), I think and active arts space would be great for kids. It is good for kids and adults to interact causally and formally with artists to make it more real.
What are your thoughts? (remember to ID your comments, anons will be eliminated).