Michael A. Brown, G-ddamned A*hole

Guess what I came home to today? I think it was the fifth fuking phone call I got from his piece of shyte campaign. I now hate Michael A. Brown’s guts with a passion. But before I came home I was introduced to a colleague whom, I was told, also lived in the District. The first words out of my mouth was, “Don’t vote for Michael Brown.” He had no idea who Michael Brown was, so if I see this person before Election Day I will give him several reasons of why he should not vote for Micheal A. Brown (the A. stands for Ass).
So far from his campaign it appears the Micheal Ass Brown is pro-litter, anti-neighborhood, and anti-human. Let’s explore his pro-litter stance. Earlier in his campaign Mr. Brown sought to plaster his pudgy bald head on cars indiscriminately. DC cars, MD cars, VA cars, don’t matter. I’ve also spotted several of these glossy strips of campaign paper in the gutter, a gutter that would then take these slips to the Potomac and so I guess he’s also against the environment as well. Then the litter spread to my yard, and my neighbors’ yards and so forth. So if you’re willing to vote for Rap Snacks, or a used condom wrapper you may be the kind of voter Michael Brown is looking for. Since litter, in addition to crime is a neighborhood issue, Michael A. Brown hurts neighborhoods with litter, and that brings to question, does he help neighborhoods in anyway?
Brown strikes me as a big picture guy so your corner drug problem, the trash in your alley, the trash his campaign helped add to, probably would be too small to concern himself with. I found my last robo-call preposterous. In it Micheal A. Brown plays the friendly character that appeared in the neighborhood. Can anyone tell me what neighborhood functions he’s appeared at? I saw Carol Schwartz and the Cult of Kwame at the BACA meeting. Of course, there is usually someone at BACA willing to tout Kwame. Kwame got people at the grassroots level. So I wonder if Michael A. Brown would even hear you at that level. Has anyone in Ward 4 seen him since he tried running as council man for your ward back in 2006? Did he go back to playing with the big boys on the national level? On his website he claims to be a community activist. Community doesn’t necessarily mean neighborhood, or local level. Bankers are a community, there’s the lobbying community, and so forth.
Anti-human. Okay I have a stronger argument that he’s pro-litter. To say Michael A. Brown hates people is untrue. To say he hates people who have answering machines and don’t want to be called five friggen times, is possibly true. Well it’s true at my house. And he’s pro-robot, hence the robo-calls. He’s denying some actual human the ability o annoy the hell out of me with a live call. Since he likes funding his campaign every few years why couldn’t he have funded a little job training program that has people, not robots? Or was he litter program the jobs producer?
Yes, I know I said I’d post a profanity filled post but I tend not to curse, and it isn’t really my voice. However I welcome your words so I’ll lift the profanity rule for for this post (and this post only) so you can tell how you really feel about Michael Brown.

7 thoughts on “Michael A. Brown, G-ddamned A*hole”

  1. oh god yes! since the rule has been lifted—please people, whatever you do, cast one of your two votes for anyone beside this dipshit. if he gets elected, he won’t give two shits about us. it’ll just be about the goddamn people with connections and money. fuck the neighborhoods, full speed ahead for those who gave big $$$ to his campaign.

    michael a. brown is evil, don’t vote for evil.

  2. Michael A. Brown (MiaBo) is a sick MoFo. He oughta be arrested by the PoPo, but they don’t KnowKnow what a sick MoFo MiaBo be.

  3. Damn gurl – I’ma need a fire extinguisher to quench your rage.

    Mental note: do not robocall Mari.

  4. yesterday i got a call which sounded something like this:

    (cue smurf-like music)

    “Ha momma! Its such a lovely day! You workin in the garden?”

    “why yes baby, Ah sure am!”

    “Momma, Ah saw Micheal Brown down the street today!”

    “Oh Yes baby, did you know, Micheal Brown is in our neighborhood to fight for our children an schools an …”

    (at this point I hang up the phone before my fucking head explodes)

  5. “Can anyone tell me what neighborhood functions he’s appeared at?”

    Well… I was at a recent memorial service for a man who was slain, and Michael Brown showed up. Unfortunately he just stood outside, talking on his cell phone, not engaging anyone. And when I left after paying my respects my car had one of his flyers on it.
    must be anon, sorry.

  6. And the crowning achievement – an endorsement by Marion Barry. That alone should convince any informed voter not to cast a ballot for him.

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