4 thoughts on “Jerry Mack vs A Tree”

  1. The really sad thing is that DC does no education, or enforcement regarding the damage to trees.

    If you call in, maybe the ward 5 DOT tree arborist will remove the poster, and call the person and tell them not to do it again.

    Meanwhile, if the tree dies, you have to call the city to remove the tree, if they do, you have to call them again to remove the stump, if they do that, then call them again to replace the tree.

    It only takes two years to get a scrawny tree from the city, then they fully expect you to water it.

    For something that so improves the quality, and value of our daily lives, it seems that we could do better.


  2. Yeah, the DC arborculture program could use some help. It seems they depend on the Casey Trees foundation for urban forestry advocacy.

    I see kids whacking trees randomly too, which also causes damage to the bark, which in turn serves as an entry point for disease, which eventually kills the tree. They just don’t see the connection between killing young trees, and the benefit of shade to their house on a hot August day. More big trees = lower cooling bills.

  3. Has BOEE ever fined any candidate for trash or damage? The signs never seen to come down as quickly as they went up from our local lamp posts. And now the holes in our trees. Remind me to punch a politician.

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