Anyone around 3rd and R hear shots?

Walking to work this morning the police had most of R Street, from Florida to New Jersey Avenues blocked off. I had to ask as I saw the G2 bus rumbling down 4th St (normally rumbles down 3rd), I was told there was a shooting and they were trying to determine where all the shots came from. Then the officer asked me if I had heard anything. Ah, no. I heard nothing this morning. Did you?
UPDATE: According to the Washington Post a woman was stabbed at the bus stop at 3rd and R, most likely to catch the G2 heading in the direction of Georgetown. That stop is a little isolated with the high chain link fence fortressing the yard of the house on that corner, and diagonally across the Co-Op’s high fence, and across Mt. Sinai’s education center’s parking lot. Please keep the victim in your thoughts and prayers.