OMG! CHEEEEEESE @ the Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market

Scenic Artisan has it up on the Bloomingdale Blog, but this Sunday…. rain or shine, cheese comes to the BFM. I’m so happy. What makes me even more happy? It’s Keswick Creamery. I love-luv-love their cheese. When at the super crowded Dupont Circle Market, I would buy their yogurts and sometime the bovre. Love the bovre. Especially the bovre with herbs. I’m so happy I may burst. No, I’ll just squeal in delight like an oversugared 2 year old.
Also coming will be humanely raised veal, some beef, ‘shrooms, and eggs.

5 thoughts on “OMG! CHEEEEEESE @ the Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market”

  1. But will they have cheese curds? Will they offer _batterfried_ cheese curds?

    That is the only cheese of any importance.

  2. curds would be fantastic, but hey, just being able to say that bloomingdale’s market is growing is awesome. we’re hitting the big time now, baby!

  3. The new baker is good. I have gotten a danish and the $2 baguette. The french bread I’ve made garlic bread with and that’s just, wonderful, but I attribute the wonderfulness of that to my cooking skills and love of garlic. Butter, olive oil, lotsa, lotsa garlic, oh baby.

  4. Okay, Blogger has done something weird with the comments and I’m all confused and I know I just sumbitted my comment, where the heck is it?

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